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You are young. You're beautiful. You're authentic. You want to impose your style and assert your independence.A diamond would suit you perfectly!

That's why we've designed modern and trendy collections, to break with the traditional image of diamonds as an engagement ring for the elite.

You are not dreaming, with Les Diamants de Paris®you now have access to the most illustrious and majestic of precious stones.

The process of creation began with a meticulous selection of diamonds from diamantaires labelled by the Responsible Jewelry Council respecting the Kimberley treaty. The diamonds you are about to wear are certified and have been ethically mined without the use of child labor or local militias.

It is during the design phase that the magic of Diamants de Paris' artisanal know-how comes into play.

Each piece of jewellery is imagined and made entirely by hand in the workshop of our French master craftsman designer, according to the best techniques in jewellery. From the casting of the metal in an ingot mould, to the drawing of the wire, to the setting, to the polishing.

Every woman can now own a diamond by choosing Les Diamants de Paris, because our unique processes, such as the reduction of the number of intermediaries, make them more accessible than ever.

All our collections are limited editions. You will be only a hundred or so to wear each of our diamonds.